And so it goes that even a relatively small indie singer-songwriter can’t feel safe anymore. Brooklyn-based indie-folk troubadour Kevin Devine had his upcoming record “Brother’s Blood” leak yesterday. I’m not quite sure how I feel about this and I’m going to avoid getting on a soap box here, but please let me just give my take as someone who is involved in an indie band and the environment around this type of ordeal.

It is completely flattering to think that someone absolutely cannot wait to hear your record, so much as to download it illegally two months ahead of time. Whether or not this is the “moral” thing to do I’ll leave up to you, but just know that Kevin Devine is by no means rich, he may in fact simply be living semi-comfortably these days. He is a very modest guy who actually still sells his own merch at shows, drives himself around in his car, plays his ass off, etc, etc. That being said, I hope that if you do or did in fact download “Brother’s Blood” that you at least still purchase the physical record when it comes out (or on iTunes, whatever) and try to catch him live when he comes around your area for the supporting tour. I know that I will do the same, regardless of whether or not I come across the leak (I’m still debating if I should even bother).

Yes, it’s true: I am very sympathetic to Kevin’s situation, but I know that he himself is finding it hard to deal with it as well. Check out his latest blog post over at his Myspace page to get his take on everything. Also, to get my take on Kevin in general, check out my old show review from last year.